Myanmar is in the period of democratic transition and also a developing market for the business investors who might need legal assistances and services. In the legal field, there are high demands for the legal services needed by the commercial peoples relating to their business activities in Myanmar. In order to provide certain kinds of legal services to the potential clients from various backgrounds, LA KT Legal Service Company Ltd. is formed and officially registered as a company Ltd. by the Board of Director of three share-holders on Jan 25, 2017, in accordance with the Myanmar Company Act.


The company’s vision is that building the effective and efficient legal service industry promote and strengthen the sound business communities in Myanmar trying to develop the country’s economy. The company want to be a part of that legal industry meeting the demands by the people in need, in order to seek the way lawful and suitable to deal with the legal challenges.


The company’s mission is to be a reliable and successful legal firm of the Myanmar Legal Industry, by means of providing best, effective and efficient legal services to the clients in need for their legal interests to be protected best.


The company goals are

  1. To meet the demands of the client in need
  2. To provide best, effective and efficient legal services to the clients.
  3. To protest the lawful interest of the clients at best.
  4. To seek the best possible solutions for to the client’s needs and legal issues,
  5. To maintain a sound and healthy relation between the company and clients by means of a fair play.


  1. To build up a reliable, trustful and successful legal service company ltd, accessible to clients in need.
  2. To provide various kinds of legal services– Counseling, consultation, litigation, contracting, registration, review, research, and translation– to the clients
  3. To reach out to domestic and international clients
  4. To network, cooperate and collaborate with the like-minded firms and companies ltd, for the development of Myanmar Legal Industry

Composition of the Company

The LA KT Legal Services Company Ltd is composed of

  1. Share Holders
  2. Members of The Board of Directors
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Partner
  5. Senior Partner
  6. Partners
  7. Associates
  8. Admin and Finance Officers.